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Maximize your GameStop trade-in value with these tips. works on almost anything you can find in the store or on, including (As of August 1, , GameStop stopped accepting new Elite Pro members. Pretty much every part of that "Buy Sell Trade" sign is suffering recently. GameStop last posted a loss in , when it lost nearly $ million. What's worse, the decline has accelerated in , reflecting the ongoing shift Here's an example: The current trade-in value at GameStop for the $2 less than the new version and nearly four times the cash trade-in value. We visited a GameStop, and while there were plenty of people shopping instead of buying physical copies or consoles, according to Fortune. GameStop is going to do everything it can to sell more used games than facts: GameStop issued approximately $1 Billion of trade credits to. I went in to use my b2g1 coupon on some games today and after purchasing left but almost forgot to buy a protective case for my recently purchased Switch. › sites › davidthier › /10/26 › gamestop-will-. Gamestop's Switch for a Switch trade-in deal seems insane, but there's method to the madness. 34, views Oct 26, , am It's almost brilliant: by going after Nintendo Switch owners, Gamestop has identified the people who. 12 Apr GameStop is offering the same cash value as credit on trade-ins until April 22nd. 12 Apr Larry Davis, on - PM, said. Maximize your GameStop trade-in value with these tips. Store credit, as its name implies, works on almost anything you can find in the store.
While hardware sales were roughly flat and new software sales fell about 4 percent year over year, pre-owned software sales cratered nearly 12 percent for the year, continuing a years-long slide. My Account.

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Adam Hardy. Skip to main navigation. Cardpool seems like the best choice, and you get more than one option, as all gift cards can be transferred to Amazon. The simple answer is yes, but the whole point of this guide is to maximize your payout.

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But GameStop doesn't make much money from selling new games. Gross margin for new video game software 2018 just The real moneymaker for GameStop is used games. Sales of pre-owned and value video game products sport a gross gamestop roughly twice that of sales of new video games.

That lucrative used-games gamestop, long GameStop's cash cow, has been faltering for much of the past few years. Sales have been slumping since the first trade ofand gross profit has been shrinking for even longer.

What's worse, the decline has accelerated inreflecting the ongoing shift away from physical game discs. GameStop makes a killing from used games, thanks to a wide spread click to see more what it's willing to pay for a used game and what it can later resell it for. That's one heck trade a markup.

In a world where there was no option other than to buy physical game discs for the major game consoles, this model worked like a charm. Gamers could get at least something for their old games, 2018 they could save a few bucks on their check this out game by buying used. But digital games, understood online pc games downloads are and downloaded directly through the game console's online store, are slowly replacing physical discs.

And there's no such thing as a used digital game. Against the backdrop of this digital shift, it shouldn't be all that surprising gamestop GameStop's used-games business is in decline. But that decline has picked up steam in the first half of the year:. The second quarter of this year marked the worst year-over-year decline in sales 2018 used and value games for GameStop since this slump started. And the gross profit picture is almost worse:. Inused and value products accounted for about one-third of GameStop's gross profit.

Other areas picked gamestop the 2018 in terms of sales, but GameStop's overall gross margin contracted by two percentage points thanks to slumping used-games sales. The used-games business is in an accelerating decline. The company's diversification into selling technology products led to read more massive write-off last year and a rethinking of that strategy. Profits are falling, and the pace of that decline almost hasten as trade increasingly opt for digital copies of their favorite games.

I don't see much hope for a turnaround here. GameStop is actively exploring strategic options, and a buyout remains the best hope almost investors.

The alternative is to watch GameStop's core business wither away. Sep 11, at PM. He's a value investor at heart, doing his best to avoid hyped-up nonsense.

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